Nudes5: Entries from joSon & more from CA, US

Our Nudes5 competition is still open for submissionsYou can submit any work you have before the deadline on October 3, 2017. All of the images shown in today’s blog are submissions in our current competition from California.

A rare submission of the exquisite male body, the main image is aptly titled “The Body” and submitted by joSon, who has previously won Graphis Awards for his phenomenal work.


Above is personal work from award-winning Photographer Howard Rosenberg that highlights the deep contrasts of the subject and the shadows, as well as the paradoxically sharp yet soft boundaries of the subject’s curves.
Finally, we have the personal work of award-winning Photographer Craig Colvin, titled “Matríz” as part of his ongoing work photographing the human body in natural curvatures and lines found in the environment.
You still have time to enter the Nudes5 competition! Enter your work earlier for a higher chance of being featured on our blog, website, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis