Type: Entries from McCandliss & Campbell, Hong Won Choi & more from NY, US

The above typography design was submitted to our Typography4: Type in Use competition by Trevett McCandliss and Nancy Campbell of McCandliss and Campbell. Designed for their client, Footwear Plus, the “custom typography [references] illuminated manuscripts.”

Hong Won Choi submitted the San Serif typeface design above (right) to our Typeface Design competition.  The aim was to design a “typeface from physical material, sewing on paper.”


The animalistic typeface design above (left) won a Merit Award in Typography3. Titled Chimera, it was designed by student Britta Carlson under the direction of Instructor Yaeger Moravia St Victor of the School of Visual Arts. The typographic poster beside it (right) won a Silver Award in Typography3. Entered by Manuel Mendez, Lisa LaRochelle, Yoko Yoshida-Carrera, and Jurek Wajdowicz of Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios, the poster was created for UNOPS / United Nations Development Programme.

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Author: Graphis