Poster: Jisuke Matsuda, Mayumi Kato, Yusuke Sano & more from Japan

The colorful poster above (left) won a Platinum Award in Poster Annual 2016. Designed by Jisuke Matsuda of Atelier. Jisuke, the poster is meant to represent the “anger, sadness, frozen heart, and misfortunes” of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

The poster beside it won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2018. Submitted by Mayumi Kato and Yusuke Sano of Beacon Communications k.k. graphic studio, the poster was created for Florist Suiren in order to “communicate the powerful effects and influence a single flower can have by depicting the distant-yet-close relations and balance between flower beauty and things that are completely different.”


Singo Fujiwaki and Chihiro Otsuki of Fujiwaki Design won a Silver Award in Poster Annual 2015 for their design (left). Created for The Asian Contest of The Rookies’ Award for Architectural Students, the “design was [based] on [a] traditional Asian architecture motif to encourage students.” The poster beside it, a Platinum Award Winner in Poster Annual 2015, was designed by Hajime Tsushima for Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc Hiroshima. The design was intended to resemble smoke and promote peace.

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Author: Graphis