Photo: Colin Faulkner, Pierre Bourjo & more from Canada

The photograph above (left) was submitted to the Photography Annual 2015 competition by Colin Faulkner and won a Platinum Award. The image was also chosen to be on the cover of our book! Created for Holt Renfrew, the bedazzled high-heeled shoe elegantly stands out on a bed of leaves.

The photograph beside it is also a Platinum Award Winner and was submitted to Photography Annual 2014 by Pierre Bourjo. Covering the model’s eyes gives this photo an air of mystery which makes it as intriguing as it is beautiful.


The culinary creation above (left) is part of a Silver Award-winning series submitted to Photography Annual 2017 by Stacey Brandford. Taken for House & Home Magazine, the series was shot with a Canon 5Ds. The image beside it is an entry to our current Photography Annual 2018 competition. Shot by Joseph Saraceno for Vulkan Magazine, this still life “features luxury watches in a modern setting.”

There isn’t much time left to enter work to the Photography Annual 2018 competition! The deadline is Tuesday, November 14. Join the competition before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis