Tolerance and Love Showcased by Brad Holland, Marcos Minini, Jessica Gasc, and Olga Severina

These four Protest Poster 2 entries presents their own unique but grim reminder of the theme of “tolerance” and the love needed in light of events worldwide.

Brad Holland’s poster depicts a bald head from behind against a muted background. “Tolerance(above, left), as the work is titled, is shown through the multi-colored bullseye at the top of the scalp. Holland raises questions about how we tolerate others and ourselves and who the “target” of tolerance is.

Graphis Master Marcos Minini from Brazil, gives us a pure-black image with only the word “refugee” in bold red lettering. The letters in Minini’s “Refugee poster (above, right) form the image of a person behind bars, showing how tolerance for refugees has diminished to locking them away, rather than helping them.

“I’m a Child” (above, left),  criticizes the US internment and division of families at the southern US border. Small hands reach toward the words ‘I’m a Child’ at the center of this poster with black barbed wire wrapped around the image. Jessica Gasc portrays the lack of tolerance the US has for migrant families with this honest and open artwork.

Showing love to our healthcare workers has been a common and important theme over the last year, especially as we all learn tolerance for new lifestyles and worldviews. Olga Severina shows her appreciation in her work, “Love” (above, right), which depicts a single gloved hand holding a stethoscope. The fingers of the hand make up the letter “v” in “love.” 

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