See Florin Gabor and Nyk Sykes Use Light Manipulation to Create Two Very Different Images

When releasing a new product, it makes sense for any company to want it to be exciting and bold; this was exactly what Canadian photographer Florin Gabor did for Porsche’s release of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS (above) in his entry for the Photography 2021 awards. The assignment was to promote intrigue in the new product, especially for those hardcore fans of motorsports, and those that love to drive Porsche. They wanted to reveal the car in a mysterious way. 

Gabor chose to approach this project by shooting the car in a very minimalistic way. He chose to manipulate light in a way that would accentuate the unique shape of the car. With the light hitting the car head-on, it allows us to understand the car’s personality. 

Australian photographer Nyk Sykes took a completely different approach in manipulating light to his advantage. In his photograph, “Elpsis: Hope in the Time of the Coronavirus” (above), he showcased a photo that he had taken just days before lockdown had begun. A woman is featured standing topless on a lawn chair. She is standing outwards towards the buildings on a rooftop pool as the sun sets on the city. This photo reminds us of the carefree nature of our lives before COVID-19. 

As the sunset on Sykes’ photoshoot so did the days of feeling that kind of freedom. The sun comes up and goes down on all of these days that we’re stuck inside, but one of these days we will feel that freedom again. 

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