ShenZhen Lingyun and Midwest Common Create Unique Brand Identities With These Designs

These fresh entries to the Graphis Packaging 10 competition present unique brand identities with their contrasting (yet equally enticing) designs.

Alcohol becomes a divine drink with Chinese Agency, ShenZhen Lingyun’s new product packaging for XiaoXian Liquor (above) by designer Xing Liu. The bottle is small and rounded in order to “highlight the quality of the liquor” and depicts a calm, blushing face with a cartoonish art style. Designed to look like a Daruma doll, the XiaoXian liquor bottle brings forth the theme of divinity in every way, even using the word “Xian,” meaning immortal, in its title.

US agency, Midwest Common, presents a simple, bold aesthetic design “Pleasantrees Cannabis Packaging” (above) for their client, Pleasantrees. The bottle for their cannabis product is blue with a subtle botanic print of the plant. Paired with the cool shade of the bottle and the canvas brown box, the product exudes a nature-centric aesthetic and a sense of sophistication. 

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Author: Graphis

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