Graphis Master Photographer Mark Laita Featured in Journal #365: The Man is Non-Stop

Mark Laita ensures that he creates a relaxed and efficient work environment; he is graceful, witty, and straightforward, breaking down all barriers. For over twenty years Laita has been producing photography for advertising agencies worldwide. His signature clean, colorful, graphic photography has earned him not only a gold-standard reputation, but also many awards and impressive, well-known clients. Graphis had the opportunity to interview Laita in Journal #365!

Laita has worked out of Los Angeles since 1986 and now maintains a studio in New York for his New York based clients. His talent ranges from print and live action imagery to elaborate prop building to complicated retouching, as well as video editing; the man is unstoppable. His work has been exhibited in galleries across the globe with clients such as Estee Lauder, Visa, and Apple’s iMac. 

Laita’s signature clean, colorful, and graphic style is showcased beautifully in his gold award-winning piece, “Amaranthine.” The black background ensures that the vibrant, bright colors of the animal stand out to us, creating a unique viewing experience. When asked how he was able to get such beautiful results for this photo, Laita responded, “Less is more.” Read an excerpt from his Q&A below.

Where do you seek inspiration?

I find I get inspired by nature more than anything else. Incredibly passionate people who have made incredible sacrifices make me crazy as well. 

What is your most difficult challenge that you’ve had to overcome?

Challenges just make you stronger, which makes you better. I’m always looking for challenges. The biggest regret we’ll have later on is not facing big challenges in our lives. I’ve learned that chasing them is the best thing I can do for my fulfillment and I find it positively affects my attitude in everything I do.

Read on about Laita and his work in our Journal #365!

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