Design Under the Guise of Creativity and Imagination: Fa-Hsiang Hu and Hufax Arts

Graphis Journal #366 Features Taiwanese Design Agency, Hufax Arts, and Fa-Hsiang Hu. Hu is the Executive Creative Director and Art Director of Hufax Arts. Hu considers his specialty to be design under the guise of creativity and imagination. He has received numerous awards for his magnificent work including receiving the Taiwan Visual Design Award: Platinum, the D&AD Awards: Pencil, London International Awards: Gold & Silver, and the New York Directors Club Certificate of Typographic Excellence. 

Hu has a passion for ensuring others hone in on their abilities as advertisers, creatives, and designers. This is shown beautifully in the poster he designed for China University of Technology (above, left), entered into the Advertising Annual 2017. This poster was meant to encourage students to enroll in the university. This among other works are shown in his Journal feature and Q&A.

The bold colors, graphics, and fonts in his work immediately catch the eye; this being Hu’s intention. In his insightful Q&A, Hu sheds light on his creative thinking, including his work philosophies, and his view on the future of design. Fa-Hsiang Hu believes that contemporary designers must understand the past and present of design in order to create the future. See below for an excerpt from his article.

What do you think about the future of design? 

In terms of the trend of advertising and design, it will develop along with the truth and aesthetic regardless of current predictions.

What is something you wish you knew when you first started designing?

I wish I knew what is design, for whom to design, and the purpose of it.

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