These Posters From João Machado, Karen Crawford, and Marcos Minini Speak Volumes With Very Little.

You know a João Machado piece when you see one. His style is unmistakable when it comes to simplistic designs and illustrations. For the Protest Posters 2, the Portuguese designer enters his poster series “Save Me” (above) that consists of images of a zebra, a fish, and wings. Machado often uses his posters to raise awareness for environmental issues such as climate change and preserving wildlife habitats. He recently won Platinum in the Poster 2020 Awards with a similar poster, “Save the Life”. His work on protecting animal life is always a welcome reminder of these issues.

US designer, Karen Crawford pays tribute to the protests around the world and the U.S nationwide over the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. The poster titled “I Can’t Breathe” (above, left), is a silhouette of a person with a mask made out of the words ‘I can’t breathe,’ a statement that has been one of the rallying cries during the BLM movement. The stark contrast in the black and white palette creates a powerful image.

Another poster that relies on a strong image is Brazilian designer, Marcos Minini‘s entry “Refugee” (above, right). In an intelligent use of the vertical orientation of the word Refugee, Minini turns the letter ‘E’ into jail bars. The tone of the poster is dark and foreboding, illustrating the way refugees are treated. Marcos Minini’s Platinum and Gold winning posters have continually impressed with visuals that challenge the boundaries of design.

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1 thought on “These Posters From João Machado, Karen Crawford, and Marcos Minini Speak Volumes With Very Little.

  1. I agree the portuguese illustrator João Machado work has a light touch and air of simplicity that is unmistakable. To get across so much by saying so little is a genius.

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