These 2021 Protest Poster Entries Provide Global Insight on the Pandemic and Terrorism

Graphic design can serve as both critic, analyst, and beacon. These four new entries to the 2021 Graphis Protest Poster 2 competition each highlight different aspects of world issues.

Webs of white lines stretch across a bold blue background in the first poster, “Hyperbolic World,” by U.S designer Kelly Salchow MacArthur. MacArthur shows various differing perspectives from around the world through her interweaving webs. The title of the piece suggests exaggeration, and the stretching webs portray the complexity of our everyday lives.

Next, from Spain, Pep Carrió brings us “Design a Window,” a series of two posters both with the text ‘Stay Home’ for Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The designs brilliantly make use of their featured text through the imagery of face masks and umbrellas shaped like houses. Carrió’s posters portray what is most important to remember during this pandemic — the best protection anyone can provide for themselves and others is staying home.

Toyotsugu Itoh, from Japan, presents the chilling memory of fear in his poster, “Ground Zero” (above, left), for Chubu Creators Club. The poster aligns with the exhibition theme: 0 (Zero). Spiral staircases wrap themselves around the darkened inside of this single number zero to show fear of the unknown in the face of a national tragedy such as a terrorist attack.

Croatian designer, Stjepko Rošin, submits his “Sudamja” (above, right) for the Government of the city of Split, Croatia. Christ’s crown of thorns sits at the center of this eye-catching poster meant to celebrate the feast day for the patron Saint Dominus. With bright yellow colors and the imagery of the town’s buildings encircling the crown, Rosin’s poster presents an image of hope for the town’s traditional feast in the midst of the global pandemic.

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