Simply Sweet: Two New Sugary Additions to the Packaging 10 Contest!

Two of the latest entries into the Graphis Packaging 10 competition showcase designs for sugary treats around the world.

The first is from Macao by Ho Ion Fat and Amy Un Cho Ian of WWave Design for ROCCA. The “ROCCA Mid-Autumn Gift Box” (above) is a wooden box for Chinese moon cakes with a simple, sleek cover featuring an octagonal window. Inside the window is a beautifully rendered image of the moon surrounded by elegant Chinese lettering in a white font. To celebrate the mid-autumn festival, each individual box shows the moon from different angles and under various lighting.

Next is a chocolate bar designed by Graphis Master Boris Ljubicic of Studio International from Croatia. In order to stand out from other European chocolate brands, the “Croatian Choco Concept” (above) design uses a minimalistic, chic style featuring rectangles and the letter C. The chocolate bar inside matches the patchwork of rectangles on the exterior packaging, creating a unique pattern.

Both products bring unique innovation to tasty, classic treats from around the world with sleek, creative designs. Boris Ljubicic stands out with its unique pattern, vaguely reminiscent of puzzle pieces, and WWave Design introduces an intriguing modern look to a classic Chinese tradition.

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Author: Graphis

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