See Beautifully Staged Photographs by RJ Muna and Bruce Deboer that Won Gold in Photo 2020!

The Photography Annual 2020 awarded 95 Gold awards. One of them was the above series titled “Four Acts of Light and Wonder,” by photographer and Graphis Master RJ Muna. He has captured the beautiful, elegant, and delicate art of dance, specifically the intriguing performances of Garrett + Moulton Productions; a San Francisco based performing arts organization.

The symmetry of each of the photos in the series amplifies the emotions that are being expressed through their performance. These shots perfectly convey feelings of pure, unabashed joy and take us through a journey of sad, lonesomeness. Muna truly shows what it means to be human through this series.

Similarly, in Bruce DeBoer’s Gold-winning portrait, “Artist Louis St. Louis At Home” (above), he set up an elegant, risque scene for his client, Louis St. Lewis. The bold nature of this portrait is not, however, new to St. Lewis. With DeBoer being influenced by the enigmatic energy that St. Lewis brings to the table, this portrait could not have been staged more beautifully.

In DeBoer’s portrait of St. Lewis, he captures the essence of how mysterious a person he really is. The subject paying no mind to the fact that he is being photographed. This portrait engages the audience with the mystery of what might’ve happened the night before.

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