Graphis Master Mark Hess Talks About How He Gained First-Hand Experience in Journal #366!

Graphis is honored to interview and present Graphis Master, Mark Hess in Journal #366. Hess considers himself to be, first and foremost, a portrait painter. But he is also a graphic designer, packaging designer, website marketer, but most importantly, an artist. His career began in 1972 when he moved to intern with his father Richard Hess, a world-renowned designer. He has since followed in his father’s footsteps and made a name for himself in the art world.

Hess has received many awards from art journals worldwide as well as organizations such as The NY One Show, and the Art Directors Club. His art is held in some of the most prestigious collections such as the Smithsonian Museum and he is also a member of art societies such as the Society of Illustrators.

Issue #366 features many of his iconic pieces including “Troutworthy” (above), a mural that was painted for the restaurant AquaTerra in Palm Beach, Florida.

Mark Hess took a unique approach to his Q&A and actually interviewed himself! After all, who best to pry your mind than you? You can read a few excerpts below.

What’s your favorite type of assignment? 

I like making paintings that tell stories or inform or just make you smile. I’m a pretty upbeat guy. I do a lot of portrait work these days and my passion is to have a client ask me for my input, my slant. Then I’ll work for them as if that project is the most important piece in the world.

Wait, how did you [get all that experience?]

I pushed my work on anyone who came to the old man’s design studio and asked them to be brutal and criticize it. I wasn’t shy and had no ego about my work. Those people happened to include Milton Glaser, Ed Sorel, David Wilcox, Robert Guisti, Paul Davis, Melinda Bordelon and a bunch of other top illustrators.

He shares many anecdotes on his time studying under his father, his crossing with Milton Glaser and Walter Bernard, and why he loathes Saran Wrap.

Read the full Q&A from Mark Hess and see more of his iconic illustrations in Graphis Journal #366! Pre-order your copy now!

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