Joseph Saraceno Brings a “Fresh Perspective” to his Bold Photography Style in Graphis Journal #366!

Graphis Master, Joseph Saraceno is a commercial photographer whose teenage hobby slowly grew into a huge passion, and later into a successful career. Saraceno’s photo studio is located in Toronto, Canada but his success is not limited to there; his photography is internationally recognized and he is willing to work on location anywhere throughout Canada, the United States, or globally.

Saraceno’s work has been featured in a myriad of publications including Sharp Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, ELLE Magazine, and The Globe and Mail. Additionally, he has done marketing and advertising work for the following companies: Holt Renfrew, Hudson’s Bay Beauty, Shopper’s Drug Mart, and Joe Fresh. Many of his award-winning photos can be seen in the Graphis Journal #366.

The two Platinum award-winning photograph sets of Saraceno’s, “NeonGlow_001” (above, left) and “NeonGlow_002” (feature image), are wonderful examples of his work because of his strong directional lighting. Saraceno also uses contrasting textures and bold angles, as seen in both of these photographs, as well as many others published by Graphis and in general. Though these bright, bold color choices are not the norm for Saraceno, they are quite a “fresh perspective.” Read a few excerpts from his q&a below:

What inspired or motivated you into your career?

I always loved art, design, and photography. I can’t draw, so I picked up a camera

What is it about Photography that you are most passionate about?

I love creating images, however, there are a lot of days that it just feels like a job, and there are days that I can’t imagine my life without it. I love creating images

What advice would you have for students starting out today?

Never settle and always push yourself

Learn more about Joseph Saraceno and his stunning photography in the new Journal #366, available for Pre-Order!

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