The Limitless World of Advertising: Featured Advertising Annual 2022 Submissions

Whether it’s addressing public health concerns or the hottest new television show, this week’s featured Advertising Annual 2022 submissions show the diversity and range of what’s considered advertising.

The first submission, “getting together is still dangerous“, was created by designer Xose Teiga (above, left). His client, Máis que Auga, commissioned the poster as part of a graphic campaign of social awareness after observing how people did not respect social distancing during the COVID-19 health crisis, and wanted to convey a message that would make the general public truly understand the dangers. The poster features the title surrounded by portraits of the infamous Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin; in putting the two men together, these historical figures represent two dangerous elements coming together, which then makes an analogy to represent the danger of seeing others during the pandemic.

The next submission, “Fargo S4” by ARSONAL, was created for FX Networks (above, right) for the latest season of the hit show Fargo. ARSONAL’s assignment was to uniquely represent the season’s new location and time period of 1950’s Kansas City while also staying true to the series’ dark humor. Going for authenticity, the designers did a deep dive into the period for visual starting points, especially vintage signage that would embrace the rise of post-war American capitalism and the violence within it. From the very first round of designs, the cans concept was a favorite, and multiple rounds of creative exploration were spent fine tuning specific scene illustrations for each can, as well as font choices and colors evocative of the period that would work within the Fargo brand. The end result mirrors previous campaigns where at first glance it appears to be something simple and harmless, but upon further inspection reveals tons of Easter eggs and clues to the upcoming season’s dark side.

Because of its nature and medium, the last submission is unique compared to the previous two. The submission in question is “JBL Quantum Series Commercial” by PETROL Advertising for their client JBL (above). In creating a video, PETROL Advertising has the advantage of using sound and moving images within their advertisement, while Xose Teiga and ARSONAL are more limited with creating posters. The commercial consists of sounds and visuals showing how JBL Quantum gaming headsets make players feel as if they are actually in the game itself. The ad has 23,097 views on YouTube.

The deadline for our Advertising Annual 2022 competition is tomorrow, July 27, so visit and enter now!

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