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Photography: California-based Photographers Patrick Curtet and Lennette Newell Bring Nature and Desert Together in a Stunning Fashion

These Californian photographers look east into the long forgotten desert for their inspiration

New Talent: Syracuse University Modernizes Nationally Recognized Brands

Syracuse University propagates excellence in corporate culture with their tantalizing student work

Nudes: Parish Kohanim, Joe Lee (US) & Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich (BR) Play with Lore and Dance

Graphis Master Parish Kohanim, along with  Joe Lee and Ricardo de Vicq de Cumptich incorporate fashion, lore, and…

New Talent: Socially Conscious Winning Works and New Entries from Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School presents some a new class of socially conscious inventiveness

Photo: Georgia’s Parish Kohanim, Hadley Stambaugh, and Dylan Wilson Utilize the Gaze

These supremely talented photographers from Georgia focalize on the female form

Photography: American Photographers Bjorn Iooss and Craig Cutler Revel in the High Arts

These inspiring photographers showcase the work that Graphis feels needs to be focalized

New Talent: SVA’s Eileen Hedy Schultz, Tina Fong, and Carin Goldberg Inspire a New Generation of Designers

The School of Visual Arts continues to cultivate up-and-coming designers

Nudes: Photographers Phil Marco, Lennette Newell (US) and Klaus Kampert (Germany) Play with Moral Dichotomies

Graphis dedicates this week’s photography spotlight to the works of these fine photographers

New Talent: Art Center College of Design’s Professors Brad Bartlett, Sean Adams, & Chris Hacker Hone Students’ Skills

Graphis is honored to showcase the works of professors Sean Adams, Chris Hacker, and Brad Bartlett and…

New Talent: Abby Guido of Temple University and Cassie Hester of Mississippi State University Assist Students’ Noteworthy Projects

Professors Bryan Satalino, Clifton Fordham, and Abby Guido of Temple University and professor Cassie Hester of Mississippi State…

Nudes: New Entries from Marc Safran, Hậu Lê, and Klaus Klampert Display Their Sensually Humanist Side

Nudes from Marc Safran, Hậu Lê, and Klaus Klampert are the focus of Graphis’ weekly nude feature.