Photography: American Photographers Bjorn Iooss and Craig Cutler Revel in the High Arts

These inspiring photographers showcase the work that Graphis feels needs to be focalized

High art is not everyone’s cup of tea. To some, it is pallid, morose, and just plain boring. To the same people, it’s a snooty affair that only appeals to the upper class where tuxedos are encouraged and champagne is a must. But at the same time, high art is a wholly inspiring act, one that need not belong to a single economic class or cultural group. But as income inequality and lack of public funding for the arts become more prevalent, it is no surprise that some people could feel the way that they do about ballet, museums, opera, and the rest. These photographers are set to change that notion with their wondrous photography.
Bjorn Iooss‘ Platinum-winning photo for CR Fashion Book of famed ballet dancer David Hallberg (ABOVE), is one such piece, detailing not only the man’s bizarrely intriguing body dimensions, but also his arrestingly freezing eyes. His hands, draped over a high cocktail table, look as if they are otherworldly, contorted to a degree that could be from a circus sideshow. That sentiment is compounded by his single tone woolen onesie that also covers his mouth and his pale, ice-cold complexion. It is both beautiful and yet strikingly transcendent.

More simplistic—but no less stunning—is Craig Cutler‘s work capturing the famed Edinburgh National Gallery (ABOVE). From the high, narrow lighting that elegiacally showcases the ornate art to the baroque pieces of Romantic era and Renaissance art, Cutler‘s Silver-winning photo is a beautiful work that does an excellent job of bringing the Scotland’s most famed national gallery into the spotlight of all.
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