Annual Report: Benjamine Morrison Design (France) and Gensler (US) Present Vivaciously Simple Works

Gensler‘s Bryan Burkhart and Benjamine Morrison Design‘s Benjamine Morrison design some inspiring annual reports

Unfortunately, no is ever thrilled to read an annual report. They’re dry, incomprehensive, and suffocatingly boring. They seldom excite and leave truly tantalizing information to be desired. Fortunately, some designers realize this immense gap that annual reports leave, doing everything in their creative power to invigorate and revitalize the bone dry report.
Bryan Burkhart‘s work for GenslerDesign Forecast 2017, showcases a unique approach to the annual report, demonstrating an earnest attempt to make the drab annual report a visual feat of sorts. Using scaled fonts, eye-catching color schemes, and easily readable statistics, Burkhart‘s gold-winning work has transformed the ways in which people read annual reports. As Burkhart explains, “we took a multi-disciplinary, cross-sector approach to Design Forecast, recasting the publication in a magazine-like format to consider design’s impact on experience at different scales, from human to urban.”

Benjamine Morrison of Benjamine Morrison Design‘s work, Building ISB (ABOVE), is similarly dazzling, utilizing a clean aesthetic that pushes viewers to dive into the material head first. The gold-winning annual report encourages the reader to become engaged with the material, enticing them to pour over the facts and statistics to better understand the underlying operations of the business. As Morrison explains, “the resulting report allows the reader to either skim the review for a basic overview of ISB’s accomplishments, or to use the imagery as a starting point for a more in-depth understanding of the school’s pedagogical foundation.”
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