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New Talent: San Francisco’s The Academy of Art University See a Tale of Two Cities

The San Francisco-based institution continues to create wondrous works that would make most brand experts jealous

Design: California Designers Usher in a Groovy Style

The West Coast continues to prove that it knows cool and isn’t afraid to flaunt it

Design: These Oceania Designers Are in a Class of Their Own

Australian and New Zealand Designers elevate their craft to new heights of excellence

New Talent: Art Center College of Design Pumps Out Modernist Works

The Art Center College of Design continuously works to promote the very best in design, branding, and…

Design: Portugal Creates Mesmerizing New Work That Will Knock Your Socks Off

The Iberian country conjures up memorable designs that will be left in the minds of viewers for…

New Talent: Savannah College of Art and Design Provides New Inspiration

The Georgia-based design school presents new and tantalizing work

New Talent: Art Center College of Design’s Professors Brad Bartlett, Sean Adams, & Chris Hacker Hone Students’ Skills

Graphis is honored to showcase the works of professors Sean Adams, Chris Hacker, and Brad Bartlett and…

New Talent: Prof. Kevin Brainard of SVA in the USA and others Reimagine Branding

Talents from all around the world bring in their very best for this week’s branding spotlight


Graphis Master: Morten Throndsen

Graphis is proud to name Morten Throndsen this week’s Graphis Master.


New Talent: Abby Guido of Temple University and Cassie Hester of Mississippi State University Assist Students’ Noteworthy Projects

Professors Bryan Satalino, Clifton Fordham, and Abby Guido of Temple University and professor Cassie Hester of Mississippi State…

Branding: Holly Craven & more from WA, USA

Under the direction of Design Director Holly Craven, Senior Designers Bryan Condra, Katie Lee, Damien Bertels, and…

Branding: Jones Knowles Ritchie & more from New York

Executive Creative Director Tosh Hall and Designers Saskia Naidu, Ellis Green, Alexandra Rosano, and Badal Patel of Jones…