Going Out in Public: Design 2023 Gold Winning Works of Ralph Appelbaum Associates and Turner Duckworth

This week’s Gold-winning entries from our 2023 Design Awards take their designs out of the print and digital realm and into the real world. From ad campaigns to flagship stores, these designs exemplify how elements of 2D design work can be recontextualized for physical spaces, all while keeping the same style and sensibilities that make all of the best examples of design work pop.

Our first entry comes from design firm Ralph Appelbaum Associates, with their design for the “Lavazza Flagship Store” (above) in London. Situated in a historic Grade II listed building at the center of London’s west end, the Lavazza Flagship Store is the second such store in the world and the only one outside Italy. The first of a new international design concept for the famous Italian brand, the project’s main objective was to bring Lavazza’s unique concept of coffee, along with its distinctive Italian spirit, to a new London destination and audience. The store’s design has a playfulness that invites exploration and promotes a deeper understanding of Lavazza’s impressive 120-year history. The brand’s dedication to sustainability and the environment is conveyed through real green plants that unfold from the walls, culminating in a vertical garden on the first floor. Fresco-style murals on the walls vividly blend Lavazza’s iconic imagery, past and present, with dynamic illustrations. Individual, Italian-designed contemporary furniture on both main floors also invites customers to relax and enjoy their coffee in style.

The second entry comes from designers Jack Powell and Eli Walters of Turner Duckworth. For “Galaxy S22 Launch Campaign 2022” (above), the designers were asked to develop a cohesive visual identity that highlighted the phone’s characteristics, mainly a superior camera and the introduction of the S Pen to S22 Ultra. Together, Powell and Walters created a library of images capturing the sleekness of the Galaxy S22 Series. Each visual works effectively as a standalone key visual and tell an even more extensive product story when combined. Along with lifestyle images, the campaign is rich with content, providing the flexibility to generate new advertising varieties that can be refreshed throughout the campaign’s lifespan. Ultimately, the S22 campaign delivered Samsung Galaxy’s brand personality; “Serious tech, playfully told.”

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Author: Graphis