Out of This World: Design Gold Winning Work and New Entry

This week, our showcased designs show off the best of the best in terms of unique and striking branding. From colorful cube-based blockchains to chain-smoking aliens, there’s something to catch the eye and attention of any consumer.

Our Gold-winning design this week comes from designer Joao Oliveira at Onrepeat Studio, who was the main driving force behind this “EBO – Open Finance” (above) branding. EBO is part of a positive change towards open finance as a platform that aims to empower people with the advantages of open finance to change financing for the better. The goal of this project was to develop a brand aligned with the EBO values of openness and empowerment and the concept of digital tokens while achieving an exciting, expressive, and engaging visual tone that stands out from the competition. Working closely with EBO, the team developed their strategy, copywriting, and brand identity, built upon the “blockchain” concept where different blocks generate more complex blocks, which can be combined, mixed, and remixed, in chains or individually, illustrating the ideas of transactions: an open and dynamic system built on generative mechanics, never static, always dynamic. This generative design system allows the visual identity to feature an endless range of assets for any application, from generative animations to user avatars, layouts, symbols, etc. The motion system is connected to the concept of transactions, with two or more shapes (EBO blocks) intersecting to create a new, more complex, structure, in quick succession.

Our new entry comes from designer Zilong “Broly” Su with his design for the “Atlanta Walk-Thru Packaging Project” (above). The objective was to create a four-sided package illustration for TopShelf’s grinder box that displays a walk-through of Atlanta with aliens chilling, smoking, grinding, rolling cannabis, skating, and many other activities. Several important locations needed to be emphasized throughout the composition, and the top cover for the box needed to have clouds and the Top Shelf logo. The inside of the box also needed to have one phrase on each side, with the bottom base having a “Thank You” typography. Su met the requirements with the main concept of showcasing Atlanta’s lively scene with a concentration on the smoking lifestyle. The resulting alien-themed design is unique and eye-catching, drawing more attention to the brand as a whole.

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Author: Graphis