Skating Your Way to McDonald’s Golden Gates: 2021 New Talent Entries

As adorable as they are, sloths and octopi can grab you as tight as a boa constrictor. Jasmine Espejo and Yoojin Jung from the School of Visual Arts developed a “gripping” advertisement campaign for a new product they designed, “Vans Extremely Extreme Grip” (above).

To showcase the tight grip of the rubber soles, Frank Anselmo’s students created images of these animals holding onto skateboards. The goal was to appeal to skaters who could appreciate the fine grips of the new shoes to help them skate faster and better than ever.

Speaking of fast, “McDelivery” (above) by Sam Luo of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University boasts a revolutionary speedy delivery system for the world-famous French fry and burger joint powerhouse.

The advertisements made by Professor Kevin O’Neill’s student expertly showcase the speed and efficiency of such a program by visualizing the arches of McDonald’s spanning like a golden rainbow from the restaurant right to your door.

The 2021 New Talent Competition may have ended, but there’s plenty of entries for you to look at and enjoy! Come see “McDelivery,” “Vans Extremely Extreme Grip,” and other great creations in our gallery here.

Author: Graphis

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