Four for Fighting for Our Rights: Newest Entries to Protest Posters 2 Competition

In another part of the world, Nelson Mandela is remembered fondly by Slovenian artist Eduard Cehovin in this poster, “NM” (above, left). It features an abstract design centered around the phrase, “It always seems impossible until it is done,” which Mandela is attributed to saying. The poster aims to pay homage to the 27 years Mandela spent in prison fighting for equality in South Africa while inspiring others to fight for their own equal rights as well.

From Ecuador, Graphis Master Christopher Scott and designer Luis López present “Connecting Nature” (above, right) for Marine Culture Design. The artwork features a wide shot of the ocean, showcasing the many levels of life from the surface to the floor. “Connecting Nature” tries to promote the reconstruction of our oceans and will be featured in exhibitions around the world to inspire conservation.

When Worlds Collide” (above, left) is a simplistic yet straightforward design intended to call attention to the challenges many graphic designers currently face, such as the global pandemic and widespread racial inequality. Zitong Zhao calls upon their peers to use their both voices and their platform to raise awareness about these issues.

The final new entry to Protest Posters 2 celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the USAs 19th Amendment. Meaghan A. Dee created “Vote (above, right) for the AIGA Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women’s Vote campaign. The typography present in this poster blends together the words “vote” in both English and Spanish languages while creating the shape of a vagina in order to represent the strong need for women to participate in the 2020 election. Each vote represents a voice for your own body, as the future of women’s rights is on the line with every ballot.

There’s still time left to enter your designs now! Submit your entries to the Protest Posters 2 competition by November 24.

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