Cheers to New Innovative Entries in Packaging 10

PepsiCo Design & Innovation was tasked to create a brand new can design to celebrate the 100 season of the National Football League (NFL) in 2019. Additionally, a team of designers under Fire Wolf Design in China created innovative new packaging for the Chaozhou Municipal Government.

The limited-edition “Pepsi Patriots Championship Laces Can” (above) sports a red and white ‘6X,’ the number of Super Bowl victories for the New England Patriots, the winning team of 2019. The textured aluminum paired with white laces feels like an actual football in order to enhance the sensory experience of drinking Pepsi, giving “game day drinking” a whole new meaning. It’s no wonder why this soda has been the official soft drink of the NFL for over 17 seasons. 

Designers Hu Yubin, Lin Yiqing, and Li Feng invoke natural simplicity in their 2018 “Chaozhou Sanbao Packaging Design” (above). By using handmade woodcut prints and manual screen printing, Yubin, Yiqing, and Feng show dedication to their craft and close attention to detail. Winner of The 2020 Red Dot Design Award for Food Packaging, this label design uses artistic minimalism to tell a story of local culture in Shenzhen. 

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