Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee’s Neotenic Collection, Featured in Journal #367, Offers a New Way to Connect to Childhood

Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee are the faces behind Brooklyn’s up-and-coming design practice Jumbo NYC. Founded in 2016, Donnelly and Lee specialize in conceptual design and are dedicated to creating a work environment that’s both technical and joyful. Since opening Jumbo NYC, Donnelly and Lee have been featured in The New York Magazine, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, and The Architect’s Newspaper. Donnelly and Lee’s lounge chair in the Neotenic Collection (above) was also a finalist in Interior Design and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair’s 2018 NYC Design Awards. 

Other than the lounge chair, this collection features a floor light, a table light, and a sconce. The lounge chair is composed of simple shapes, thick curves, and an element of clumsiness meant to invoke a sense of nostalgia and childishness as a way for us to see ourselves in our environments. Some of the chair’s features include a customizable frame and upholstery. Other pieces in this collection mirror Donnelly and Lee’s reductivist style, such as the table light (above).

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