Shantou Datianchao’s Chocolate Packaging and Wine Labels from Harcus Design are New Entries!

The Graphis Packaging 10 competition is heating up with new entries such as the “Labyrinth Chocolate Box” from the Chinese ad agency, Shantou Datianchao Brand Planning Co., Ltd. Made primarily for the children’s market, this packaging is unique in its interactive element of turning the box into a maze game. To have a chocolate ball, one must first get it out of the maze.

Designed by Chen Fanggui and led by Chief Creative Director Jintao He, the design is fun and also helps parents control their children’s snack intake. The boxes come in black and gold, and red and white. Shantou Datianchao’s branding ensures that its chocolate candy stands out among its competitors.

Harcus Design from Australia submits their entry “Reticello” (above). Many of Harcus Design’s past entries have been elegant and sophisticated; this is no different. Designed for the client Spicers, the labeling on the cylinder container and the bottle itself consists of an intricately detailed stock paper. This paper stock is called Manter Constellation Jade Intreccio Ultra and is embossed and pearlescent.

This gives the packaging a luxurious look. The stock was produced by the Italian paper mill, Manter Fedrigoni. The pattern is a warm rose color that corresponds to the type of wine, that being a Rosé. Harcus Design prides itself on their ability to match the perfect label with their client’s products.

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