U.S Art Directors Robert Talarczyk and Silver Cuellar Impress with their Gold-Winning Advertisements!

The Graphis Advertising Annual 2020 has awarded some of the top ads from industry professionals around the world. Art Director Robert Talarczyk of Darkhorse Design, is one of those professionals. He won Gold for his above entry “We Can Be the Life Support System For Your Brand!” This image served as an advertisement for Darkhorse Design LLC. It includes a unique visual of a heart wearing a life jacket.

Talarczyk knows that a brand’s message and image is very important. That’s why he guarantees Dark Horse will be able to improve and support his clients. The design shows that he is innovative and creative when coming up with visuals that need to make an impact. Robert Talarczyk had previously won Platinum in the Advertising Annual 2019.

Art director Silver Cuellar also won Gold for his “Diversity Recruitment Campaign” (above) developed with ad agency Brunner. In this series entry, Cuellar called on Latinos, women, and LGBT+ individuals to join the Atlanta Fire Rescue Force. He used inspiring imagery and text to make the job of being a firefighter seem attractive, but most importantly, accessible and accepting of people from all sorts of backgrounds.

He did this also with his Platinum-winning work “Pride Banner” in the same year. Silver Cuellar’s impressive ads successfully raised the number of Latinos and women applying for a job in the Atlanta Fire Rescue Force.

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