Graphis Journal #360 Features Graphis Master Jisuke Matsuda from Japan

Jisuke Matsuda is a self-taught, Japanese graphic designer that specializes in poster design. He founded his agency, Atelier Jisuke, in 2010 and since then has entered and won many poster competitions around the world. His clients include the likes of theater companies and workshops, however many of his works are self-initiated tributes to literature, musicians, and other artists.

Many of his peers have praised him for his unique approach to design. He does not adhere to any strict rules of design but rather strives to express himself in a style that only he can do. His use of colors and shapes can become close to overwhelming at times but actually manages to pull the viewer in deeper and deeper, curious to discover what the whole design entails.

Featured in Journal #360, good examples would be his above posters “Romeo and Juliet” (left) and “Vision Matters” (right) both of which won Platinum and Gold in the Graphis Poster Annual 2018 respectively.

In his journal article, we present more of his award-winning work such as the above “Denken” (left) and “Stop Bombing” (right).

His Q&A is an insightful look at how he became interested in poster design, despite first being focused on fashion and music. He describes how he couldn’t understand what to do with his ability to draw, what purpose would it have? He later discovered the Graphis Annuals and saw his lecturer, Takashi Akiyama in one of them. From then on Matsuda wanted to appear in these books as well. Now he is a Graphis Master.

Additionally, he shares his influences, his favorite projects, and his biggest inspirations. You can learn more about him and his craft, and see more of his poster designs in his article from Graphis Journal #360!

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