Rebranded Magazines and Disney Magic: Two New Entries in New Talent 2021

The latest entries in our New Talent 2021 competition both utilize a minimalist style to achieve cohesive designs. Ellie Jepsen redesigned the magazine Wallpaper* while Junghoon Oh created a new advertisement for the streaming service Disney+. 

Jepsen, under the instruction of Professor Adrian Pulfer of Brigham Young University, shook up the traditional layout style of London-based design and art magazine Wallpaper* in her entry Wallpaper Magazine (above). Jepsen writes that her take is “meant to inspire the influential” as well as to better connect to the creative audience of Wallpaper*. The sleek covers and pages of this redesign take an essentialist approach, using color and other graphics sparingly. This skillful balance of negative space highlights the featured images, art, and artists without overwhelming any of the pages.

As a design student of Professors Jay Marlsen and Alexi Beltrone at the School of Visual Arts, Oh subliminally evokes the magic of The Walt Disney Company by mirroring the iconic Disney Castle and shooting star in their piece Advertising_Disney+ (above). This simple yet clever advertisement conjures nostalgia in order to market Disney’s new streaming service, and in doing so demonstrates that when watching all of Disney’s classics from the comfort of your own home, dreams really do come true. 

The 2021 New Talent Annual officially closes tomorrow. It’s not too late to submit your entry!

Author: Graphis

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