Losing Fingers and Lives: Protest Posters 2 Entries

The entries to our Protest Posters 2 competition this week cover loss, taking a deep look at all we can lose if we sit back and do nothing. From environmentalism to social justice, there’s a poster for that!

Begum Gucuk, a freelance designer from Turkey, gives us “Terrorism,” (above, left) a poster covering the tragic effect of terrorism on humanity. A person’s hand, fingernails painted black, makes a peace sign with its fingers. The gesture is broken, however, thanks to a single bullet, blasting the fingers in half with a dark spray of blood. Begum’s work is both violent and sad, exhibiting the brutality of terrorists and how hard the struggle is to find peace.

Hung Chang Lin’s poster “Marine Killer” (above, right) may seem like it’s advertising a horror movie at first. A person in a ski mask and goggles stands against a black background while the words ‘Marine Killer’ is written in drippy red blood. But a second look shows that the goggles are really plastic bags contorted in the shape of goggles. Overall, the Taiwanese designer displays how people are like ‘serial killers’ with how their plastic waste is contributing to the destruction of marine life.

Our next poster (above, left) comes from Marcos Minini. “The New Abnormal” is the first of a series of posters for a project called Posterdemic, which aims to encourage discussion about the post-pandemic world. The Brazilian designer uses orange, purple, and blue font to spell out the poster’s title over an image hand pressed against a rainy window. The words and pictures combined convey how there’s no new normal – the normal thing is to live and relate as we always have – and how we’re still stuck in abnormal times.

The last poster (above, right) is “Display Font: Leap,” a self-initiated project by American graphic artist Yukie Park. Blending photos, modular graphics, and typography in one place, Park gives us a stack of shoes on an orange background. Fitting over each shoe is a model-based typeface called Leap spelling out the word ‘leap.’ While the poster may seem like an advertisement for shoes, Park actually created it as a statement to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones to gain momentum needed to move forward.

Our Protest Posters 2 competition is still open, so submit your entry by January 5, 2021!

Author: Graphis

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