Gifts Galore and Tempting Tea: Two New Entries for the Packaging 10 Competition

With packaging designs this beautiful, you may not want to eat the food! Shenzhen Tigerpan Packaging Design Co., Ltd. was tasked to create a festive gift box set for leisure food company Bestore Co., Ltd., while element18 Design and Communication designed cans for mood33’s latest line of tea.

Designers Tiger Pan and Longfei Xiao were inspired by ancient Chinese food court containers for their Bestore Gifted Box – Dunhuang Version (above). A Silver winner of the 2019 A’Design Award, Pan and Xiao utilize an intricate design style and the colors red and yellow (representing joy and luck respectively in traditional Chinese culture) in order to create packaging that celebrates the Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the Spring Festival. Each gift box comes with 12 smaller boxes, which emulate a traditional pop-art style, and are each engraved with a story about one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Striking and artful, this gift box snack set gives gift-giving a whole new celebratory meaning.

Designer Arthur Rumaya’s mood33 Hemp Infused Herbal Tea Packaging (above) showcases new bottles for six delicious flavors of the company’s Hemp-Infused Herbal Tea. Taking each tea’s ingredients into consideration, each can is color-coordinated and features a fruit image and mood33’s notable hemp leaf logo. By situating the brand’s name inside the logo, Rumaya successfully draws attention to how the tea contains hemp. The sleek shape of the aluminum can, along with the simple layout and typography, makes this design unprecedented.

Packaging 10 is still open, so submit your entry by January 26, 2021!

Author: Graphis

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