Quality Coffee: The Moccamaster KBGV Select, Featured in Graphis Journal #372

Diehard coffee fanatics will go nuts for the latest update to this longtime fave coffee machine! 

Dutch manufacturer Technivorm has a long history of providing the best of the best when it comes to coffeemakers and brewing supplies, and the Moccamaster KBGV Select is no exception. 

Technivorm cuts no corners, optimizing their machines down to the last detail so that every cup of coffee is perfect. For the “golden cup,” Technivorm evaluates its coffeemakers according to the strictest available standards across four categories: temperature, time, turbulence, and total dissolved solids (TDS). The Moccamaster is quick, easy, and nearly silent. In a mere four to six minutes, the Moccamaster achieves quality on par with the fanciest cafes or most complicated machines, and with far less fuss. Coffee drinkers also have a buffet of customization options at their fingertips, free to adjust the brewing speed, hotplate temperature, and even volume of coffee with just a few simple, energy-efficient selector switches. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, Moccamaster offers an additional series of high-quality accessories (coffee grinders, mugs, coffee filter holders) and coffee-making supplies (filters, cleaning powders, descaling powders). They even offer several pre-packaged bundles so you can grab all the supplies you need in one package for the best possible price.  Put all that together, and the Moccamaster KBGV Select will brew you the best cup of coffee $350 can buy.

Technivorm also prioritizes the longevity and environmental sustainability of their machines at every step of the process, from manufacturing to usage and even repairs. Technivorm sources almost all of their production materials locally to reduce their carbon footprint and you can recycle nearly every component of the Moccamasters’ packaging, as well as many parts of the machine itself when the time comes to replace them. 

Speaking of replacements, Technivorm does its best to make sure this is the last and only coffeemaker you’ll ever need to buy, with durable materials, detailed maintenance, and repair instructions, cost-effective, modular replacement parts (even for older models), and on-site service technicians. If the worst does happen and your machine breaks beyond reparability, Moccamasters also comes with a built-in five-year warranty. Technivorm’s high-quality, low waste model ensures that once you receive your Moccamaster, you’ll be set for life.

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Author: Holly McWhorter