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When Federal Express was on the verge of demise in 1976, management made one last gasp for life and reached out to Amil Gargano for help. The resulting ad campaign changed FedEx forever and helped produce one of the great American business success stories.

For a limited time, Graphis is offering the publication Ally&Gargano at 25% off the cover price. This is your chance to own the 584-page, full-color hardcover book at the lowest price possible.

The book follows founding partner Amil Gargano as he chronicles 46 advertising case studies (including Dunkin’ Donuts, Timberland, Calvin Klein, Time magazine and Polaroid) that helped create one of the world’s most renowned ad agencies. Tales of the daring strategies the agency used to change the identities of corporations IBM and Travelers Insurance are valuable for any advertising professional, as is an understanding how Gargano reestablished Pan Am’s worldwide leadership and transformed Saab into a nationally recognized company.

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Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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