Poster: Skolos-Wedell and Marlena Buczek Submit New Political Posters, Plus Andrew Sloan and Hoon-Dong Chung Win Silver!

Graphis Masters, Skolos-Wedell, submit their social and political poster to the Poster Annual 2021. Entitled, “Let’s Get Our Shit Together” (above, left), the poster is chaotic with various elements that fight for attention. Designers Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell used complexity and disorder to convey the problem of the rich “shitting” on the poor. This poster shows viewers that the problem isn’t so simple or straightforward.

Designer Marlena Buczek Smith is no stranger to social and political topics. She submits her poster titled, “Waiting to be Deleted” (above, right). The poster is intentionally blurred and pixelated in a way reminiscent of a picture loading up, but in this case, it’s waiting to be deleted. Despite being pixelated, it’s not hard to figure out who is being depicted in this poster. Marlena Buczek is not afraid to get controversial in a way that remains clever.

The Poster Annual 2020 had fantastic winning work presented. Among those was the Silver-Winning entry from UK Designer, Andrew Sloan. His poster titled, “Stranger” (above, left), is a response to hostile attitudes towards migrants. Calling back to quotes from Primo Levi, Sloan broke up the words ‘A Stranger isn’t an Enemy’, singling out the word ‘anger’ and the letter ‘Y’. Sloan highlighted the letter ‘Y’ in red to also express the question ‘why?’ Sloan’s poster calls attention to the issue in a simple, yet powerful way.

For the Poster Annual 2019, Graphis Master Hoon-Dong Chung from South Korea won Silver for his entry “Tolerance” (above, right). He took part in the poster show TOLERANCE which included work from many talented designers internationally. Chung’s poster successfully incorporated an effective use of color and contrast, while representing the themes of tolerance and harmony.

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