Design: These New and Silver-Winning Entries From Cut Once and Column Five are Full of Client Appreciation

Design firm, Cut Once, submits their entry titled, “Notes of Gratitude” (above), to the Design Annual 2021. To thank clients, they have developed holiday ‘thank you’ cards perfect for the holiday season. Each card features lettering from high profile artists, resulting in well-crafted cards with memorable imagery. Each lettering design is unique to the other and custom foil stamped. Cut Once ensures their cards are one-of-a-kind and are sure to delight recipients.

Winning Silver in the Design Annual 2020, is Design firm Column Five. Entitled, “The Bountiful Year” (above), designer Andrew Effendy creates a gift for their clients while also showcasing their design expertise in data visualization. Using the Japanese philosophy, Shun, they put together a coherent poster that shows when is the best time of the year to eat certain fruits and vegetables. Column Five encourages clients to think about their produce seasonally with a visually appealing design.

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Author: Graphis

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