Graphic Designer Alvaro Perez Creates Memorable Logos! Featured in Journal #364

Multi-Platinum and Gold winner, Alvaro Perez is a graphic designer with over twenty years of experience focused on leadership, management, and design projects for corporate graphic identity and branding consultancy work. He founded El Paso, Galería de Comunicación, a design studio in Madrid, Spain. Perez’s work has been exhibited and published all over the world, and has received many international awards.

Featured above are various logos that he has designed for multiple businesses. Each image he creates is uniquely made for each client, focusing on strong concepts, simplicity, and strategic thinking. He believes that if the designs are not relevant or smart enough, people will not want to work with the brand.

In our Graphis Journal #364, we had the pleasure of interviewing Alvaro Perez about his career in design. He talked about his work philosophy and his greatest achievement, among others. You can find an excerpt from his feature below.

What is your work philosophy?

To offer inspiration and create emotionally engaging projects, based on strong concepts with easy and smart forms. Our design should stay cool and interesting to our clients for years. That is our way of working, and always with a smile.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Working everyday with the same passion we had when we opened in 1999, keeping us independent, free and happy, showing that a little design studio with just two people can work with big clients too.

You can read more about Alvaro Perez and see his work in the Graphis Journal #364. Pre-order now!

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