Poster: João Machado Calls for Tolerance in New Entry for Poster Annual 2021. And Silver-Winning Work from Portugal!

Graphis Master João Machado (PT), has a style that can’t be mistaken. And it’s exactly why he’s remained so recognizable among other designers. He submits two new entries to the Poster Annual 2021. Entitled, “100th Anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee” (above, right), he commemorates this anniversary using the passing of a baton, from one year to the next.

His next entry “Tolerance” (above, left), calls for social tolerance. Two people are seen sitting on top of a seesaw, balancing equally. The overall image lends itself to interpretations of respect and equality, and most noticeably, in a simple silhouette style on par with Machado’s other works.

For the Poster Annual 2020, we saw more talent from Portugal. From design firm, Anacmyk, Ana Alves da Silva wins Silver for the seven-part series titled “Simultaneous Openings.” These posters aim to bring together the community of Miguel Bombarda, known as the art district of Porto, Portugal. Six local artists and their work are promoted, turning the neighborhood into an outdoor gallery.

For the Poster Annual 2018, portuguese designer Sergio Alves, from design firm Atelier d’alves, also won Silver. His poster titled, “Cultura em Expansão,” promotes a cultural program that strives to bring music, film, and dance to vulnerable neighborhoods. Alves uses geography to visualize the spread of these elements in a poster that feels authentic and relates to the people.

Portugal is clearly home to some impressive talent.

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