Poster: International Designers Call for Action in Protest Posters 2!

“The challenge of conveying a message in the most concise and effective way is the most appealing aspect of Poster Design” – Dan Reisinger, in Journal Issue #362.

The Protest Posters 2 competition has some new entries. The late Dan Reisinger (IL) submitted his poster titled “Chernobyl 1986.” The yellow is hard to miss and grabs attention with its harsh color palette. It advertises against nuclear proliferation using the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 as an example of harmful events that occur as a result.

Rene V. Steiner (CA) submits a four-part series on the issue of fundamentalism. Entitled, “Fundamentalism,” The images yell at you, indicating a strong stance on the topic of fundamentalism and the people that practice and are affected by it. The words “IS MENTAL” is highlighted, implying that fundamentalism is a fabrication of the mind. See more in his full credits!

Boris Ljubicic (HR) of Studio International submits his poster to the competition titled “1945/2015,” which depicts a question mark and an explanation mark resembling the symbol for the Soviet Union. The poster creatively includes the year ‘1945’ in shadow and a digitized ‘2015.’ The past and present combine in this intelligent poster from Ljubicic.

Our past Social/Political Poster Book was full of thought-provoking posters as well. Ziad Alkadri (US) won an Honorable Mention for his poster “Common Ground” (above). The American flag is featured but the iconic stars of the flag might look a little different with a six-pointed star and a moon, representing New York and Michigan.

Submit your powerful posters to the Protest Posters 2 Competition!

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