Poster: Matthias Hofmann, Fons Hickmann & more from Western Europe

The Poster above (left) was submitted to our Poster Annual 2019 competition by Matthias Hofmann of in Luzern, Switzerland.

The poster beside it won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2015 and was submitted by Fons Hickmann m23 from Berlin, Germany. It was designed for their client, the Bureau for social development.


The above Gold Award-winning poster was entered to the Poster Annual 2016 competition by Markus Sauer, Christoph Grünberger, Andreas Lutz, Sascha Zolnai, Patrick Märki, and Knut Maierhofer of KMS Team GmbH in Munich, Germany. Designed for as a self-initiated project, “the interactive “LICHTGESTALTEN” installation [was created] to mark its 30th anniversary” and “a selection of unique portraits was displayed on DIN A0 posters as part of an exhibition at the agency. They were also used outdoors as part of the event communication at Museum Villa Stuck in Munich.” The poster beside it, a Silver Award Winner entered to the Poster Annual 2014 by Stephan Bundi and was designed for client Architekturforum Bern.

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Author: Graphis