Branding: Entries from lg2 & more from Canada

Claude Auchu, David Kessous, and Philippe Cossette of lg2 in Montreal, Canada designed the above Gold Award-winning branding for their client, Sylvain Arbour – Fenplast.  Because “consumers are opting for more doors and windows that are also larger,” lg2 designed “a frame-shaped logo (which is ambiguously a window or a door) that captures the company’s forward-looking spirit and ability to adapt to consumer shifts.”

The bright design above was submitted to our current Branding7 competition by Tejashri Kapure of q30 design inc. in Toronto, Canada. Created for their client Open Studio, the design “is an ownable, unusual palette of colours, a flexible grid and very adaptive templates with the work of the artist dictating the best combination.”

 The Branding7 competition is open for your entries until Tuesday, January 9, 2018! The earlier you enter, the greater your chances are for being featured on our website, blog, and social media platforms.

Author: Graphis