Nudes: Christopher Wilson & more from the USA

The Silver Award-winning portrait above was entered to the Photography Annual 2016 competition by Christopher Wilson of Raleigh, North Carolina. The beautiful portrait was shot with “one strobe light was used to create a more natural sense of lighting direction. I also used a painted backdrop, again, to give a more painterly sense to the photograph.”


The black and white photograph on the left, titled “Sweat,” was shot by Doug Hill of Medford, Oregon and submitted to our current Nudes5 competition. The image beside it of the woman in a canyon was also entered to the current competition by Dylan H. Brown of Carbondale, Colorado, whose fascination with the American southwest lead him to want “to bring [his] models into this landscape, where it felt isolated, surreal and of course beautiful.”

The Nudes5 competition is still open for entries! The sooner you enter, the higher your chances are of having your work featured on our blog, website, social media platforms, and newsletter!

Author: Graphis