Poster: ARSONAL & more from California, USA

ARSONAL, a multi-Platinum and Gold Award-winning design firm located in Culver City, entered the two Platinum Award-winning posters above. The creepy poster to the left was part of a series to promote the show American Horror Story: Freak Show, and it got the fan base excited about the new season.

The poster beside it was designed to promote season 3 of the show, Salem. The team was “tasked with creating an impactful solve that incorporated the talent in a provocative way and captured the central theme of the season, “Hell on Earth.”

The Silver Award-winning poster above (left) was submitted to the Poster Annual 2017 competition by Nate Luetkehans of Moniker, Inc. Created for their client, PRESENT!, in order to promote the exhibit and poster auction to raise money for street children in India, the objective was to convey a positive message.” The poster beside it was designed by Angela May Chen of Teak in San Francisco in order to pay tribute to the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love in 1967, during which “nearly 100,000 free-spirited adventurers congregated in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood near Golden Gate Park to join a cultural revolution that created some of the era’s most memorable music, art, fashion and literature.”

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Author: Graphis