Branding: jones knowles ritchie & more from the UK

The packaging design above is part of a totally far-out branding campaign for a delicious new snack, “Hippeas.” Designers Stephen McDavid and Ashley Killen of jones knowles ritchie, based in London, UK, designed the branding for their client, Green Park Holdings Inc. Their target consumer was “The modern day ‘hippie’. Health conscious, with a desire to make the world a better a place; an audience who value authenticity above all else, and seek brands with a genuine sense of purpose that do good.” The campaign was a success, as “in just 4 months, Hippeas has already secured listings in over 18,500 stores across the UK and US, with packs being found everywhere from Starbucks and Whole Foods, to Planet Organic and Holland & Barrett.

The branding design above was entered to our current Branding7 competition by Designers ASHA Team, Scott McGuffie, Simon Dryland, and Chris Greenwood under the direction of Marksteen Adamson of ArthurSteenHorneAdamson based in Cheltenham, UK. “In realizing the importance of ‘collaboration’, ‘bringing things together’ and ‘getting the right result,’ ASHA created the generative idea ‘the right combination.’ Instantly recognizable as two elements that work perfectly together, they portray a deeper meaning relating to a service or benefit that the consultancy offers, e.g. bow & arrow = strategic insight, belt & braces = sustainable approach, bread & butter = measurable results.”

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Author: Graphis