Type: Entries from Astrid Stavro, Armando Milani & more from Southern Europe

Astrid Stavro of Palma de Mallorca, Spain entered her new and unique typeface design, FS Sally Triestina, to our Typeface Design competition. Inspired by Stavro’s birthplace (Trieste, Italy), the typeface is “of tiers, illustrating the multi-faceted elements of the city in a graceful split. The merging of the typefaces together portray the aesthetics of movement, of frontiers, of the old and new, a split personality that is slightly jarred and a merged beauty results from that. Melting pots of different cultures, and ways of thinking, ways of seeing, coming together.”

The typographic poster beside it won a Gold Award in Typography3 and was entered by Armando Milani of Milani Design in Italy. The poster inspired so many people when he “showed the poster to the United Nations, Shashi Tharoor, undersecretary for Kofi Annan, immediately commissioned the use of the Dove design for the 60th anniversary celebration of the United Nations. It has since gone into all of their museum bookshops, and was made into stamps that allow the dove to fly around the world in the name of peace.” According to a statement on Milani’s website, “After 30 years of designing logos, corporate identities, signage, books and brochures, I felt the ethic need to dedicate part of my time to denounce some of the biggest problems of humanity that threaten our future and our children’s future, such as war, famine, drugs and pollution.”

Boris Ljubicic of STUDIO INTERNATIONAL in Zagreb, Croatia won a Silver Award in Poster Annual 2012 for the above design (left). Beside it (right) is a typeface design Ljubicic created, titled “Helvetica Mediterranean,” which recalls the tranquil waves of the sea. A highly prominent designer in Croatia, he even took on the enormous task of rebranding his entire country with much success.

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Author: Graphis