Advertising Annual 2014 Platinum Winner Spotlight: Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 2.16.57 PM Design Firm: Publicis Kaplan Thaler | Client: Procter & Gamble / Crest 3D White Strips 

Publicis Kaplan Thaler – As Nature Intended

Publicis Kaplan Thaler’s submission to the Advertising Annual 2014 “As Nature Intended,” is a stunning example of smart advertising. Additional New York Designers that have contributed to Graphis include Doug Lloyd, Milton Glaser, Michael Gericke, Herb Lubalin, Louise Fili, 
Toshiaki and Hisa Ide, Karlsson Wilker, Stefan Sagmeister, Massimo Vignelli, Viktor Koen,
Yoko Yoshida-Carrera, Pete Reiling, John Sposato 
and Virgilio Tzaj, among others.

NY ADVERTISINGAgency: Saatchi & Saatchi NY                                  Design Firm: Devito/Verdi | Client: Daffy’s

Publicis Kaplan Thaler’s “As Nature Intended” goes beyond the generic ads that focus on the culprits of yellowed teeth (wine, coffee, smoking or tobacco, etc.) by taking more of a highbrow approach. The tag line, “As Nature Intended,” introduces the idea: just as a tattoed body once was spotless, so, too, can teeth be whitened.

Publicis Kaplan Thaler is a consistent Graphis winner. Their “Dirty Plates” won a Silver award in the Advertising Annual 2014, and their “Courage Encouraged” and “Dry Spills” advertisements both won Merits in the same book.

For further inspiration from New York Designers, check out Graphis Issue 130, which features an article on the 46th Exhibition of Advertising and editorial by Robert C. Reed, with the Art Directors Club of New York. Also, check out Graphis Issue 174, which highlights the 14th Annual Copy Club of New York Awards competition, by New Yorker Jerome Snyder.

The advertising competition features the most compelling and influential design of the year. Gold and Platinum awards, and other winning entries, will be published in the
Advertising Annual 2015. Submit your own work to the Advertising Annual 2015 competition here. For inspiration on past advertising annuals, click here.

Author: Matt Castello

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