Packaging: New Entries from LRXD and Mark Oliver Inc. for Packaging 10

One of our newest entries for the Packaging 10 competition comes from LRXD, a Health & Happiness Advertising Agency. Based in Denver, Colorado, the agency was tasked with creating a packaging design for Sola, a sugar substitute that was developed in Great Britain and later introduced to U.S. stores. Entitled “Sola Packaging” (above), they wanted the design to display the benefits of the products, highlighting that they are both delicious and diet-friendly. Since Sola wasn’t well-known in the U.S., LRXD provided the client with a creative design that would appeal to new customers. By including the angled color blocking and transparent windows, they were able to create something eye-catching and memorable on store shelves. With their entry for Packaging 10, LRXD promotes health and wellness through a unique and colorful design.

Based in Solvang, California, Mark Oliver Inc. is a design agency, specializing in packaged goods. Tasked with providing a modern update to the branding and packaging design of “Café Altura” (above) for their client Clean Foods, the agency embraced a focus on authenticity. The branding highlights the superior, hand-made artisan quality of the coffee, sourced from small family farms. They also wanted to create a packaging design that would set Café Altura apart from other competitors.

The packaging design combines old and new, with the illustration of a farmer tending his coffee trees in the center of the can. It focuses the viewer’s attention toward the quality of the product, which is organically grown on family farms. The design also features an “Aztec-style” pattern in the background of the panels, as well as text blocks of various colors, listing the type of coffee and its flavor. Mark Oliver Inc. upholds a higher standard of quality for Café Altura, with their entry for Packaging 10.

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