Advertising: New Entries from ARSONAL, FBC Design, and AG Creative Group for Adv. Annual 2020

The Advertising Annual 2020 competition is officially on a 24 hour countdown, with only one day remaining. Advertisers in the U.S. and across the world, you have until 12 a.m. EST to submit your entries! As the final hours commence, let’s take a look at a few of the latest advertisements, from the U.S. and Canada.

The latest entry from Graphis Master ARSONAL is an advertisement dedicated to the promotion of HBO’s third season of True Detective. Entitled “True Detective S3” (above, left), the agency utilized stock images to paint a picture of lead actor Mahershala Ali in a story that promised mystery, crime, and larger evils at play. For the element of storytelling, they focused heavily on textures and palette to ground the art both in its Arkansas Ozark setting, as well as highlight key themes of time, memory, and truth. The dripping technique also served as an abstract approach to the disintegration of Ali’s character Detective Wayne Hays, specifically his mind and memory. With their newest entry for the Advertising Annual 2020, ARSONAL continues to showcase their limitless creativity.

Another entry is from FBC Design in the U.S., with an advertisement for the TV series Empire and Fox Entertainment. Entitled “EMPIRE – ‘Coiled in Deception'” (above, right), it displays the complicated relationship of the two main characters, Cookie and Lucious. For the complex duo, the things that divide them, such as money, power, and lies, are also the things that unite them. The snake, coiled around their bodies, represents the drama and wealth that envelopes them throughout the series. With their entry for the Advertising Annual 2020, FBC Design adds a visually striking design for their advertisement, focusing on one of the fiercest and most compelling relationships on TV.

From Canada, AG Creative Group was approached by the Harrison Lake Hotel to reinvigorate their existing stale advertising, with the intention of attracting more families and younger guests to their hotel. Entitled “HLH Cannonball Ad” (above), the advertisement tells a story with a youthful and whimsical perspective, to rekindle excitement and fun for potential guests. With their entry for the Advertising Annual 2020, AG Creative Group reawakens a sense of joy and nostalgia for guests at the Harrison Lake Hotel.

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