New Talent: New Entries from University Students Jiayi Lin and Kristin Hinkley

The latest entry for the New Talent Annual 2020 comes from student Jiayi Lin, with the support of Professor Mel White, for the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Lin takes a creative approach in showcasing the high quality and power of Windex. The first of a three-part series (above) captures the other side of a player’s card, demonstrating that the glass in front of it is clean enough to see through the card. With this entry, Lin transforms an original idea into a memorable advertisement.

From the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, student Kristin Hinkley designed the logo and branding for a school initiative named The St. James School Makers. Focused on bringing together student work and the local community, the project showcases the efforts of 8th grade students and their original products. With the support of Instructor Kelly Holohan, the project includes an array of colors and styles, while maintaining cohesion and a youthful design. Entitled “Branches” (above), the seven-part entry provides young entrepreneurs in the making with a creative platform.

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Author: Graphis

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