Graphis Master joSon Pursues The Beauty Of Nature With His Photography

The former monk turned photographer, joSon, did not begin his pursuit into art from the start. During his childhood, he thought his calling in life was to become a monk and joined a monastery at a young age. Living in post-war Vietnam while being a Buddhist monk was no simple feat. As poverty and chaos ensued, he spent his teen years learning the ancient Buddhist art of meditation.

With a battered camera given to him by his mother, joSon taught himself the fine art of photography, while inside the monastery. Recognizing his gifts belonged elsewhere, the spiritual teachers gently ordered him to leave the monastery completely. At the age of eighteen, he found his way to California, overtaken by American culture and the abundance of art. After enrolling at Lake Tahoe Community College, joSon eventually transferred to San Francisco, where he completed his MFA in photography at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University. His career in photography then began to take off.

Decades later, joSon’s photographs are featured in galleries and private collections worldwide. His work as a commercial photographer is in constant demand from Fortune 500 corporations, five-star hotels, and elite travel magazines globally. His signature photographs are included in his book, “Intimate Portraits of Nature.” As an ode to flowers, from gardens and greenhouses, it showcases the beauty of nature. Following the notion that nature is an important source for daily inspiration whether you are an artist or not, joSon’s images of flowers bring him a sense of tranquility. In the featured image above, flower #18 (left) and flower #2 (right) are displayed.

For joSon, the flowers seem to bring back memories of his life, serving as a reminder of his childhood. He is drawn to the color, the texture, and the exoticism of flowers. Aside from their visual appeal, the flowers are like a missing language to him. They also add another layer of creative expression. After shooting hundreds of flowers, the book has 125 images in the final collection, which represent more than one hundred flower species from all parts of the world. Flower #20 is displayed above. With a meticulous approach, joSon has the ability to bring movement to a still image, highlighting the detailed textures and vibrant colors of each flower.

joSon’s work can be found in numerous Photography Annuals. His work will also be included in the upcoming Nudes 5 book, which is currently available for preorder.

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